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Social media is one of the most effective marketing mediums globally as well as in Dubai. Our social media marketing gurus will help you in making a splash by engaging the kind of audience your business needs. Building your position in market is our promise and we always fulfill it.

Why Us?

Our team of social media experts make the best use of resources available to bring out desired results. We integrate SEO and PPC with social media marketing to create a perfect package of digital media marketing. We can get you followers on any social media platform provided you trust us with our work.


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Promoting your business through social media is not only faster and more effective but is also less expensive as compared to industrial media. It lets you gain an audience based on your choice of audience. Once your content is published on social media, it is forever visible to all the online users which is exactly what it makes social media one of the best mediums for internet marketing.


Contrary to traditional media, social media can convey your messages instantly inducing a prompt and effective response. This can help you generate sales within
hours and days while traditional media takes weeks
and even months for a proper response from
your customers.


At social media, you can target your messages for a kind of audience which might actually be interested in them by using an effective social media marketing strategy. Your ads will only be circulated in relevant circles containing potential customers. In traditional media, ads can be dispersed to people who are not interested at all resulting in bad response.

Grow Your Business!

Want to take your brand to all new heights? Then, look nowhere else. We promise to create a lasting impact on your business growth through optimum utilization of all digital mediums and platforms.

Interactive Execution

Social media can transform your messages into many forms that traditional media is unable to do. Promotional videos can be shared on many social media platforms simultaneously attracting a large portion of audience. Besides this, writing blogs, sharing pictures, videos and music and discussions on related forums can be easily done with a very less investment. Social media marketing brings in more customers than any other medium due to its multiple forms.

What Clients Say

“Completely satisfied with how iRank operates. Our brand’s website has generated a lot of traffic and brought potential customers after we hired iRank for our SEO services.”

Ahmed Mustafa

“I was unaware of the wonders email marketing can do until iRank started promoting my business through their newsletter campaigns.”

Abbudin Hudhayfah Asghar

“iRank’s team is very cooperative. They have helped us revamp our social media channels and website. It has been over five months and we are already experiencing an overwhelming increase in sales.”

Zachary Miah

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