Digital Marketing in Dubai needs to adjust to Google’s new update

Google, the biggest website and search engine in the world which is basically the father of modern internet, dictates how the world uses the World Wide Web. From users posting on social media and buyers looking for products on e-commerce websites to social justice bloggers and student researchers, everyone uses Google to gain access to information or uses Google’s wide range of services such as gmail, Android or Google docs among many others. When it comes to the digital world, Google is central. The same goes for online marketers, advertisers, businesses, e-commerce sites and agencies, everyone is affected by changes made to Google’s vast system and services.
Digital marketers and SEO strategists beware, Google is once again updating its search algorithm and its infamously vile crawlers keep on evolving to fight against spam in an effort to find the most relevant and user-friendly content for users worldwide. Google considers several factors when ranking pages and distributing domain authorities. Now, speed is one of these factors. This has been the case for some time now and it affects everyone in the industry from Digital Marketing in Dubai with firms like IRank to SEO agencies in India and the rest of South Asia.

SEO strategists in Dubai need to optimize their content to be mobile friendly

Recently, Google said that page speed will be a significant contributor to page ranking in mobile searches due to an update which they term as ’The Speed Update’ and will be most prominently effecting pages, as they claim, that provide ‘the slowest experience’ to users. Fortunately, this does mean that only a few number of queries will be influenced. Another positive here is that the same standard will apply to all pages regardless of their brand identity, authenticity or popularity and the technology used to make the page, if the website is slow on mobile, it’s facing the consequences. Not to worry, your favorite won’t get lost in the vast void of the Internet. Chances are, if it’s popular, there’s a reason for it. Popular websites with loads of daily visitors are often popular due to their seamless experienced, user friendliness and fast response rate.
However, keeping all those thing aside, content matters the most and Google is quick to admit to that. If your website doesn’t have relevant and quality content it is pointless for it to be fast. Content outdoes speed in all manners. A slow page can be ranked high if it delivers consistent quality content and a seamless website maybe shown several Google pages later just because it lacks substantial content.
This just goes to show the importance of mobile in the digital world and how portable technologies are outperforming, especially in popularity, their larger counterparts. Ever since the introduction of smartphones, more and more internet browsing is occurring through mobile phones. If your business website can fit within the palm and pocket of your potential customers you need to make sure that your website is optimized to be mobile-friendly. The future is mobile and the future is now.